Condition Guide

How We Grade
Please click to view the photos of each item to get the most accurate feel for the items overall condition.

10/10 -100% Brand New! Club has never been used

9/10 - Excellent condition! Club shows minor shop wear but mint or excellent overall condition. The face and sole are clean of any paint chips or nicks and the shaft and grip remain in like new condition.

8/10 - Nice overall condition. The club face shows light wear from average play but no nicks, dings or paint chips throughout the club head. Above average condition throughout!

7/10 - Average used condition. The club does have some wear to the face, sole or crown of the club head. There could be some light scratches or nicks on the club head but nothing that would impact performance of the club in any way.

6/10 - Fair used condition. The club head shows above average wear with paint chips or dings/nicks on the club head. There could be a skymark on the crown of a wood or browning on the face of an iron or wedge.